What Does the Blue Dot on YouTube Mean?

What does the blue dot on YouTube mean? This is a common question among internet users. The answer, fortunately, is simple and straightforward. The “blue dot” appears when a person watches something on the video sharing site, the “red dot” when they watch something on their personal computer. The two symbols are actually separate entities. When you click on one icon, the other one also becomes active and visible.

what does the blue dot on youtube mean

The bright blue dot represents a fresh link to a page on YouTube that was just added. The small red dot symbol, representing an outage, represents a page that has recently gone out of existence. In the former case, viewers who saw the link may be confused as to why it has disappeared. In the latter, it is obvious that someone uploaded a new content available on YouTube but the viewer is no longer able to see it or is experiencing difficulty in locating it.

If you are viewing YouTube from your desktop version, the bright red dot may appear instead. This is a common glitch that can occur when you have Firefox installed and it has not automatically updated to the latest version. To fix this, simply restart Firefox and/or visit the Google web site and download the latest Firefox version. This should fix the problem.

What does the blue dot on YouTube mean if you are not viewing it via a desktop version? If you are reading this and continue to have difficulties locating content available on YouTube, the next best thing you can do is view the latest version of YouTube on your mobile device. (There are now apps for iPhone and Android smartphones which will allow you to view YouTube just like you would on your desktop or laptop.)

If you cannot access the latest YouTube version on your smartphone, consider downloading a skin for your Android or iPhone that changes the background appearance to match that of YouTube. Skin manufacturers also make YouTube stickers that replace the current background. These easy to install and remove will help you continue enjoying what does the blue dot on YouTube mean. In fact, there are many ways that you can add interesting content to your smartphone screen without having to wait for YouTube to update its version. Consider an example of a sticker that displays an image of President Obama as he makes his address to Congress.

Some internet marketers believe that what does the blue dot on YouTube mean is that Google is changing the way it delivers rankings to certain websites. The reason that Google introduced live streaming is that it wants to provide its users with an easier way to locate new content available on its website. In other words, it wants you, the Internet surfer, to be able to find the newest videos first so that you can stay up to date with the most popular topics. Live streams are also available on desktop versions of Google’s site, which means that those of you who use desktop computers may be missing out on new content. The stream looks the same, but you may be able to see it live rather than just listening to it play.

There are other theories that what does the blue dot on YouTube mean has more to do with Google’s efforts to become the number one search engine. If so, it is sure to cause some concern among marketers who are struggling to make their online campaigns successful. The company introduced the new feature as part of an effort to distinguish itself from the rest of the major search engines. In addition, Google has long been known for putting popular video games on its homepage, so it only makes sense that they would want to include videos on YouTube as well.

There is no clear answer as to what does the blue dot on YouTube mean. It is, however, a good time to take a look at the new features that are coming to the site. You will probably be very happy that you took advantage of it when you were in high school and were taught about YouTube for the first time. The new video format is already changing the way people view the Internet, and it seems like the future of television is just around the corner. You can get involved in the latest trend while you are enjoying your favorite videos.