What Happened On General Hospital Today?

Recently a YouTube video caused quite a stir in the medical community and has been talked about for months. You may have heard it already. In July of 2021, a man named David Green was found to be operating a home-based surgery business from his home. In his operation business he was recording videos of his procedures. While he was doing this he had an employee record him while he was supposed to be working.

what happened on general hospital today youtube

What happened next is still in question. At some point he was asked to turn the camera on and tape what was happening inside of his home. What happened is that he started to show some very graphic and sometimes even injurious actions. It is in this situation that the entire country is waiting to find out what comes of this man and what does he actually do?

As it turns out, what happened on general hospital television today was an error on the part of one of their employees. This man had been hired as an independent contractor by this hospital. He was doing what any independent contractor would do. He was checking on the progress of the surgical operation. It should have been something like this;

He was watching and waiting to see what the surgeon was doing. Instead, what he saw and what he filmed showed him kicking a patient. The kicker was that he did not kick the patient once he noticed the open cut on his leg. He did not care that the blood was pouring out of the leg when he kicked it. He simply wanted to get the attention of the general surgeon who was busy giving him instructions on what to do.

Did the general hospital personnel see this video and fire this man? No, they did not. They instead called the FBI to help them investigate this case. The kicker is that this video is not the only one that shows this man kicking patients. He has also been recorded kicking a woman who is in labor.

The question of what happened on general hospital today is a big one. This hospital should have never allowed this man to work for them. However, since they do, it is now the focus of their investigation.

One of the things that this hospital should have done is to fire this man and cover up his crime. However, because they do not see it fit to fire him, they need to pretend that he did not do anything wrong. This is not going to make the general public feel any better about how dangerous medical care is in hospitals today. This is not a good way to run a hospital.

This is not the first time that what happened on general hospital today has occurred. There have been several reports of nurses stealing drugs and other such criminal acts at this particular hospital. Nursing home abuse is a huge problem, and it needs to stop immediately. If the nursing home employees are not properly educated and trained, then they cannot help but to abuse patients, which is a crime.

Many people who read about what happened on general hospital today wonder how that could be true. After all, if all of the staff members knew about this, surely they would stop it. This is not an unusual thing in any hospital. Nurses are given more detailed instructions and tasks than they are often given. Sometimes, they are even given more tasks than the patients that they are supposed to be caring for! This is not what a doctor is supposed to do.

However, as amazing as it may sound, this kind of situation is happening all over the country. Nurses steal from the patients, they do not care about their jobs, and they simply do not care about their own well-being. This is not good for the hospitals or for society as a whole. Hospitals are supposed to be places where one feels safe and secure.

Instead, what happened on general hospital today shows that some nurses are not listening, trying to scamper money out of the patients. This is a general trend across the country. It seems like no matter where you go in the United States, some nurse is stealing from the hospital.

One way to prevent this from happening is to always check to see if the hospital is licensed to do medical procedures. If it is, then there is no reason for them to steal from you. This is not right, and something needs to be done about it today. If you have been a victim of theft from a hospital, then it is important that you contact the Attorney’s General’s Office and the Medical board to file a complaint against the hospital. If they refuse to do so, then you should contact the Medical board. They will help you with your complaint.