What Happened on General Hospital Today?

What happened on General Hospital today is a shocking video that has gone viral almost as fast as it has been posted. What happened at this Florida hospital is rather disturbing and it does not look good at all. A gentleman from another state was arrested for attacking another patient and he did not have to deal with the other patients at all. The hospital has already lost a lot of customers and their insurance company is not sure how they will recover from this disaster. This is all due to YouTube.

what happened on general hospital today youtube

What happened at the hospital can be seen in this disturbing video. It shows a patient who appears to be severely injured after being pushed across the room by an ambulance worker who is apparently drunk. The poor man is clearly upset about what has just happened and screams out in pain as he is pushed around. This is clearly one of the worst moments of the video and a must see for everyone who cares to watch.

This video showed up on YouTube a few days ago and within a few hours it had become very popular. It was featured on several news channels and was talked about by the national media right away. However, it soon became apparent that what happened on the video was extremely disturbing. The hospital has since released the unedited video showing what happened on that day and what their policies are regarding patients who wander off or hurt themselves on the premises.

The reason this hospital lost so much business is because of the lack of policies and procedures in place. They failed to provide a safe environment for their patients and this is what led to the injuries that were shown in the video. The employees that work at the hospital should have been more aware of the dangers around them and should have closed down the gates to the parking lot even when there is someone trying to break in. These things would have prevented this situation from happening. General Hospital today still provides medical services but there are no dental services and the waiting areas are very small.

There is a big difference between what a visitor to your hospital can experience and what a family member or friend can experience. We all have the right to protect ourselves when we are in a public place. It is a shame that this did not happen at the general hospital when a man tacked a note onto his car saying he had weapons in his car. Had the video shown the employees opening the gate to the parking lot when the man came through the drive-through, then there may have been a different outcome.

There are many reasons why this does not always happen. Sometimes it is just as easy as not having a camera on in the first place and other times it is because the general hospital staff does not wish to be bothered with posting videos of their employees on the internet. When you look at the videos posted on YouTube, you can almost see the shock on the faces of the children when they realize they are being filmed. It is absolutely inappropriate for a doctor’s room or an operating room to have videos showing up of patients.

In most of the videos posted on YouTube, it appears as if the nurses are being protective of the children as they are led into the waiting area. The doctors and nurses appear to be talking over the patients as they give directions. If you had this happen at your home, you might feel your children were in danger. It is even possible that the videos could have been recorded without the adults knowing and put on YouTube. No one knows who has viewed these videos and what they will do once they find them.

The only good thing that can come out of what happened on general hospital today is that the patients did not have to deal with anything harmful. This is the best news that could have ever come out of this situation. Although the exact details of what occurred cannot be seen on the videos, it is still possible to read about them on the news. Most people think that once something happens on the news, it is over and you can forget about it but this is not true. Even though it is not common to hear news about injuries, accidents and other things, there is a possibility that the videos will give people the information that they need. You can take advantage of this if you want to know what happened on general hospital today.