What is the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube?

The United States Army, the United States Navy and the United States Air Force all have their own YouTube channels of some sort. Some channels focus on the operations of each respective branch of service, whereas others are dedicated to a particular component of the military. But in all cases you can find plenty of videos from recent combat actions, training exercises or special operations which can be beneficial to those who are trying to stay prepared for future conflicts. Here are some of the best channels which provide comprehensive coverage of what is the fastest growing army on YouTube.

what is the fastest growing army on youtube

The United States Army offers quite a few videos that provide a quick overview of major events that have taken place recently. Some of these videos even feature audio of the action which tends to give a lot of emphasis to the actual combat as seen through the eyes of the warrior. Other videos feature news reports or ceremonial activities. All of these videos were produced as a means to inspire soldiers to become better soldiers while preparing them for future battles. One such video shows a sneak peek at some of the new tactics that are being used by the Army in Afghanistan.

United States Navy: When it comes to what is the fastest growing army on YouTube none other than the US Navy gets the vote of confidence. This is largely due to the presence of video tours of their ships, as well as video of their latest operations. One video in particular has over ten million views. It is a clip from the popular video game series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Although there are no actual clips in this video, it gives an excellent look at how real navy combat can really occur.

United States Air Force: More people are looking to the military videos uploaded by the Air Force since they are considered to be much less formal than their Navy counterparts. Many of these videos feature fighter pilots performing some of the most daring acts imaginable. Most of the combat videos also give detailed descriptions of the action and what is going on at any given moment. Some videos even include parts of combat done in real time, which can make watching them exciting because you can actually feel what is happening. These videos are often used as training aids or to encourage recruits to move on to more thrilling combat situations.

Army: Another group of videos that have been increasing in popularity recently are army videos. These videos usually feature soldiers giving lectures to the local recruits or giving field instructions to units throughout the world. In some cases these lectures are televised as part of Army Combat weekly lessons. The lectures can include anything from how to shoot a weapon properly to how to use safety techniques during combat. These videos can show any branch of the Army at any time. They are generally used for both training and combat training.

Marine Corps: There are many videos available that showcase actual activities from the Marine Corps. These videos can be anything related to the Marine Corps or anything that a video could possibly show a soldier doing. They can be used for educational purposes as well as to inspire recruits. The videos include many different types of content including historical footage and current actions.

Air Force: There are several videos on the Air Force YouTube page that showcase actual combat actions from the air force. The videos include anything from training exercises to actual combat against other military forces. The content on this site varies widely and includes everything from training for dog fights to giving lectures on how to fight a dog fight. No matter what kind of video is being displayed there are bound to be hundreds of them that are relevant to the Air Force.

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