What is the Most Commentated YouTube Video?

what is the most commented youtube video

What is the Most Commentated YouTube Video?

So, you are looking for what is the most commented YouTube video on MySpace? The answer is simple. The top comments are always the most relevant ones. Therefore, if your video has a very interesting and high quality title then you should expect a lot of comments. People love to say nice things about things that they like so why not put it there?

Of course, the top YouTube video will not have all of the top comments. It just might have a few. However, it is the ones that make it and therefore it is worth putting there. Besides, if the video has just one good comment then it probably doesn’t matter.

The more comments a video has then the more popular it becomes. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that the more comments there are the more people see the video. Therefore, the video has to have good content. The second reason is that YouTube wants to have more people see the video because then it will rank higher in their search engine. This means people searching YouTube will more likely be interested in the video as well.

In addition to the video being of good quality, it has to have a great title. This is where the comments start to come in. You can usually tell what people think of a video by the title. If the title is good then the comments will generally be positive. On the other hand, if the title is bad then you can bet that they will be negative.

The same goes for the video description. If the video has great content then people will be interested in reading the description. If it has bad content then they will likely be wanting to skip the video. If there are comments left by unsatisfied customers then this is definitely the place to put the blame.

Another great idea is to create your own YouTube channel and become an affiliate of Google. When you make a video related to one of their products, or affiliate products of theirs, you can put a link back to their website. For every one click that is made on your video, you will be paid a small fee by Google. There are many ways to make money with YouTube and you need to find out what is the most profitable.

You could try posting the same video to several different video sharing sites. Each site would receive a different rating. Then you would know that video had more views and therefore had more viewers looking for more information. You could then use these ratings to create your own affiliate programs.

Or you could try your luck on social bookmarking sites. This strategy is good for those who have a business that does not have a website. Simply create a page on these sites linking back to your YouTube channel. You will need to have some knowledge of how to use social bookmarking, but it is a powerful tool. Once you get enough followers, you can even promote your page to other social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. All this will increase the amount of views on your video and therefore increase your chances of being able to make money from this technique.

You can also create your own blog to get the word out about your YouTube videos. Commenting on other blogs related to your video will allow you to share your view with others. Make sure you leave an URL to your video at the end of each comment. Be sure to leave an informative comment as well.

Finally, use social networks to advertise your videos. Just like with other websites, you can post a link to your YouTube channel in your profile. You can join various groups and ask friends to “like” your page. Every time someone “likes” your page, a small notification will show up on their wall. Every time someone “thumbs up”, a similar notification will show up on their wall.

This is just one example of what is the most commentated YouTube video. Of course, it is only one video out of thousands. The first step to get the most from YouTube is to simply watch and observe. Pay attention to what the viewers are saying and try to incorporate some of their comments into your own comments. Over time, this will help you develop your own style and become recognized as an expert in your field.