Where Did the Road Go?

In case you didn’t know, “Where did the road go?” is a question you might ask yourself while driving down a country highway. The answer to that question might change depending on who you ask. Some people will tell you it simply went left or right. Others will suggest that the road went left because it was blocked, while some will claim that the road never actually left at all.

where did the road go youtube

Even though there are differing answers to those questions, you can find some common answers in the YouTube video “Where did the road go?”. The video was recorded by one of Austin’s Department of Public Safety officials. DPS officials were traveling to the University of Texas at Austin from their headquarters in Austin to observe the ongoing campus unrest. The road from the downtown parking lot to the medical Center has a grass verge on each side. It is not a good place for a video.

If you have ever been to the University of Texas, you have seen the large video screens in front of the campus buildings. They are there to monitor students as they walk across the campus and answer questions. Students often call in with questions, and DPS can answer those questions through a YouTube channel. They have also set up a Twitter feed for people to use to ask questions about the road. So, clearly the road does indeed lead to somewhere.

The real question, then, is where did the road go? There are several possible answers to that question. Some people suggest that it simply curved right through the middle of the road. This could account for the fact that the traffic on the road itself does not go very fast, so the traffic seen on the video does not include cars driving quickly into the middle of the road.

Another explanation is that the road was forced onto its side, causing it to curve the other way. Someone on the receiving end of this explanation might ask, where did the road go? DPS might say that it simply went the other way, because if it had continued forward, it would have run into another vehicle, which would have caused it to curve the other way. So, obviously, it didn’t go the way it was supposed to. Again, this could explain why there are so many questions about the road.

If someone wants to find out where the road went, another YouTube user has written a script for people to answer questions on. It can be found here. Many of the videos that you will see were uploaded by local law enforcement officers, who are explaining how they managed to drive their vehicles off the road and onto a grassy median. So, you can almost imagine how this video would be useful if you were trying to find your house on Google Maps.

As you can see, the answer to the question, where did the road go? is not as simple as one might think. There is definitely a large amount of mystery surrounding this video and as mentioned above, most of the mystery is centered around where the road actually went. This makes it very hard to answer this question for all of the users of Google Maps, since everyone uses different servers.

So, what can you do? Well, there are YouTube videos out there that you can watch. These videos offer up clues about what may have happened to the road. You can also do your own detective work, by searching Google for road videos and seeing what you can find.