Who Is the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube?

Who is the fastest growing Army on YouTube? The answer may surprise you. Why it is surprising is because a lot of people have been counting the number of views for years. Some have even tried to count the number of “likes” that their videos have gotten. It really is amazing to me. It is also pretty cool if you ask me.

who is the fastest growing army on youtube

Believe it or not, there are more people on YouTube today than ever before. People who are older, new, babies, and just anyone can post and share anything at any given time of the day or night. Vine is a great video sharing platform which allows you to view trending topics, mashups, and re-posts from other users. Subscribing to an audio stream from a user with a large following is actually a common practice these days!

But no matter how many “followers” an individual has, it doesn’t matter if the video is viewed. There is only one person who can make you famous on YouTube and that’s YOU! You need to maximize your exposure so that you can be the fastest growing army on YouTube, and that’s you. There is only you.

So you are wondering what kind of videos to post. One thing I have found over time is that you should always try to do unique videos. Your audience will be able to tell when someone is trying to get them to follow them, so keep it original and fresh. It’s okay to have a commercial here or there, but don’t over do it. Your viewers deserve original content and you owe it to them to give it to them.

One thing that you also want to consider is that many times people will post up duplicate content. This is where you can come in! Duplicate content is never a good thing, but if you create several videos that each get hundreds of views (not thousands!) then you can easily become the fastest army on YouTube because people will actually want to watch your videos instead of all the others.

If you aren’t sure how to create your own videos, then I would suggest that you go watch some of the successful ones already out there. There are a lot of great tutorials on how to do this. You can also look at some of the larger forums on the Internet. These are places like AskDownUnder and VideoVM. Just type “Video” into Google and you should see a bunch of different websites where you can find tutorials and everything else you need to create your own awesome video.

The fastest growing YouTube members have a few things in common. First, they are incredibly passionate about what they do. This means that if they don’t have anything good to say about a product, service, or company in particular, then they will probably be saying something negative about it. Another thing that these members have in common is that they have extremely unique video content.

The last thing that you should know about this growing trend on YouTube is that you don’t have to have thousands of dollars in order to join the largest army on YouTube. Many people are starting out with just a few videos that they post in various places on the Internet. This is called “indie filmmaking.” You can make your own videos, learn from the pros, and then sell your own products once you become more accomplished. It really doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, just as long as you’re willing to take action and don’t give up.