Who is the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube?

Who is the fastest growing army on YouTube? That’s a question I see getting asked a lot lately and I can tell you right now, it is the guys and gals who are posting up videos of themselves doin’ it. The old ways of actually watching your favorite videos on YouTube are dead. It’s time for a new way. Now is the best time to get into YouTube and start watching videos. There are so many cool channels out there, you are bound to find something that interests you.

who is the fastest growing army on youtube

Who is the fastest growing army on YouTube? Kids. Kids these days love to upload their latest viral video skits and pranks. They may look silly or mean but the fact that they put these things up on YouTube for people to watch says a lot about how they perceive the world. Kids are impressionable and if you can make them laugh, you’ve done the whole job.

What is the number one rule when dealing with YouTube? Follow users. There is no reason for you to ever create a video unless you know for a fact that a certain percentage of people are going to watch it. If you don’t have any idea of who will be seeing your video, then don’t even waste your time making it. You’re not going to make much money on YouTube anyway.

There are so many funny and silly videos that I could sit here and write for hours about them. But this is for another article. This is for the articles that tell you how to get views and monetize your videos. Here are two of my personal favorites. Go look, you might like them.

The first one is called, Meet Your Dream Lady. This is a video about a woman who wanted to meet her dream guy but didn’t know where to go or who to talk to. She put in a video and started talking about herself for an hour. Within a couple of weeks she had over 5 million views and counting. In other words, she got a lot of views in a short amount of time.

The second video is called, Making Money On YouTube. This one has just been released and has already gone viral. In this video Markiplier talks about how he rakes in $80k per month from YouTube ads. This isn’t some newly found secret. He’s been doing this thing for a while.

So, if you want to be a YouTube star and have the fastest growing army of followers on YouTube. That’s an easy job. But the real question is what do you do next? Are you going to sit around and wonder why no one is watching your videos or are you going to start promoting some of these other things on the internet?

Well, it looks as though there are some other people following Markiplier and having the same success. But that’s not all they have done either. There’s plenty of information on their website about video marketing. So if you’re wondering who is the fastest growing army on YouTube then you might want to check out their videos.

One of the most important things you need to know about video marketing is the concept of good quality. If you are hoping to get someone to actually watch your video, you are going to have to provide them with something of value. Most people are going to skip over something that doesn’t look good. If they don’t like your video, they are not going to waste their time. So you have to know what they are looking for and give it to them.

The other important factor is how you are going to promote your videos. Because you already have an army of followers now, you might think you can just create another video and hope that people will follow you and view your videos. You’re wrong. The people who are really successful on YouTube are those who know how to drive traffic to their websites. So you have to target people who already are interested. Once you’ve found a group of people who may be interested in your video, you need to work hard to convince them to actually click on your link and to become a customer.

So, if you want to come up with answers like, ‘who is the fastest growing army on YouTube?’ find a strategy for getting traffic to your website. Then implement that strategy. If you haven’t started learning how to do that yet then start today. You’ll be glad you did.