Why Am I Getting Spanish Ads on YouTube?

why am i getting spanish ads on youtube

Why Am I Getting Spanish Ads on YouTube?

Why am I getting Spanish ads on YouTube? The fact is that when people use YouTube to learn a second language, they are not watching the video as much as they are looking at the advertisements. For example, if you go to YouTube and type in “why am I getting Spanish ads on YouTube” in the search box, what comes up? Well, aside from the obvious question of why are they advertising on YouTube, there is actually a whole bunch of different answers to that question depending on what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking to just watch the video and learn the Spanish grammar and pronunciation, then YouTube works great.

If, however, you want to learn more about the Spanish culture, what kind of images do you usually see in Spanish speaking countries? Or, how about movies with subtitles, or television shows with Spanish audio? If you are like me and type in these kinds of phrases on YouTube search results, what comes up is a lot of different ads for websites you would never think of. But, if you put two together and look at the ads side by side, you can see that there are some really interesting ads for websites that cater to learning Spanish.

When I was first looking for an answer to the question of why am I getting Spanish ads on YouTube, I thought that maybe I wanted to learn a second language so I would try to look for some Spanish classes in my area. So, I began searching Google for schools in my zip code or area. I even went as far as typing in my own city to try and find some classes. And I even looked on message boards for some classes that were located close to my home. This is when I finally realized that I needed to take a closer look at YouTube.

So, here is the problem. There are YouTube videos about almost every language ever spoken. If you want to know Spanish, you are going to have to search for videos on Spanish and English language videos. The problem is that they are not organized. So, while you may get some results showing up in your searches, you will have to wade through a lot of different videos until you find one that actually has the information that you are looking for.

What made YouTube so appealing to me was when they started placing ads for learning material. It became obvious to me that if I could just find an English speaking person who was willing to put up their knowledge of the language for me to review, I would be learning so much faster than if I tried to go it alone. What better way is there for learning a language than by having someone show you how? And YouTube is just such a site.

So, I started looking for Spanish lessons and ad placement websites. The first website that popped up was Spanish Language Pro. This website had ads for learning Spanish as well as English and it was run by a company called Google. This is the same company that supplies ads on Yahoo!

What I found at Spanish Language Pro was that they placed ads for learning all the major courses. These courses include the audio CD “How to Speak Spanish” and the eBook “Learn Spanish Like Crazy.” Other courses include “How to Read Conversational Spanish.” The courses were put there by people who work at Google. All the courses were priced affordably so that anyone can get involved. You can see the ads for each course on YouTube as well, but I recommend that you get the audio and read the book.

If I had to make one suggestion to anyone out there in search of a great way to learn Spanish, it would be for them to not get discouraged by all of those YouTube Spanish ads. Instead, look for a good course like Spanish Language Pro or a similar course. Once you learn a little bit with the course, you can move up to more advanced courses. These advanced courses are not expensive and you can usually find them just by searching Google or other search engines.