Why Did My YouTube Views Go Down On My First Video? Watch This Find Out

why did my youtube views go down

Why Did My YouTube Views Go Down On My First Video? Watch This Find Out

“Why did my YouTube views go down?” This is a common question on the internet from both amateur and professional photographers alike. Most amateur photographers would be happy to share their answers and give you tips on increasing your video views. The first thing you need to consider before making any changes in your video is whether or not you uploaded a video in the first place as a professional or amateur photographer. If you just made a quick funny video clip to share with your friends, the odds are that your video will be viewed in the same way as many other videos.

Most people who create short videos for personal enjoyment would never think about using them to market themselves. You wouldn’t want to have millions of people seeing your commercial with your business attached to it. YouTube is all about content, so if you’re making a commercial you can also upload that to YouTube and get a huge amount of exposure for yourself. You don’t have to focus on a particular niche, which will take away from your video’s effectiveness. Just make sure you’re targeting your videos correctly, otherwise you won’t see much traffic going to your videos. Here are a few simple tips for increasing your video’s visibility:

YouTube Layout – You should choose a unique name for your video and upload your video at an appropriate time. Your viewers are more likely to remember your videos when you put a catchy name to it. Also, if you’re targeting business owners, make sure you choose a name that reflects your business. You can even use custom images for your videos. Don’t upload anything that’s illegal or copyrighted. If you do you’ll find it difficult to watch your video or view it in the future.

Quality of Video – Don’t expect to see your videos on the first page of YouTube. Videos that are five minutes long don’t get very many views. Instead, search for your videos on related search terms. For example, if you sell dog training supplies, search “pet training supplies” or “how to train dogs quickly”. Your video shouldn’t be about selling dog training supplies, it should be about teaching your dog how to behave.

Use Photos and Videos – Add pictures to your video to make it more attractive. You should also upload videos with detailed captions. These can come off as spam, but if you truly want to improve your video’s visibility you should add them. If you don’t have any photos to use, simply record yourself talking.

Post-Tips & Tricks – As you’re uploading your video, always mention that you’re willing to help other people. This will encourage other people to click on your link and view your videos. Don’t just say you’ve had an experience that was similar to someone else’s. Tell what you did to improve your own experience. If you’re not comfortable talking about it, simply include a link to your website so people can find out more. You can even tell your viewers to visit your website for more information.

Be Consistent – You need to post your videos on a regular basis. This is especially true if you have many followers on YouTube. If you haven’t posted a video in a few days, then you should definitely do so today. The reason why is because this will increase the amount of time people spend searching for your videos, and it will also drive up your popularity in the eyes of YouTube search engines. If you consistently produce new and exciting videos, you’ll soon be on top of the search engine results page!

Hopefully by now you’ll have a better understanding of why did my YouTube views go down on my first video. By avoiding the common pitfalls mentioned above, you’ll ensure that all of your future videos will be successful. Don’t let your YouTube videos stop you from achieving success online.