Why Does Nicole Chase Say That Scott Yakiwchuk Wasn’t Exactly a Hero in His Videos?

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Why Does Nicole Chase Say That Scott Yakiwchuk Wasn’t Exactly a Hero in His Videos?

So, what youtuber died of? Was it Alzheimer’s disease, or some other incurable malady? The answer, unfortunately, is no. It was the YouTube Redirect Virus that ended Chris Crocker’s YouTube career and killed his potential to ever earn a living on YouTube.

When youtuber dies of a disease caused by the YouTube Redirect Virus, it is very sad. You are able to interact with your favorite entertainer once again, even if they are no longer among us. But this is all interspersed with random, commercial jingles and nonsense.

So, what does this have to do with youtubers dying of the Redirect Virus? Simple. There are certain high profile and famous youtubers whose sole purpose is to attract new subscribers for the various marketers and business people who promote their websites on YouTube. You are able to find these people in various places. Namely, the various “related” websites, as well as the ones which promote actual products.

For example, in the real world, youtuber frolics at the beach, or go tanning under the sun. You are able to relate to what they are doing, and why. In this case, the Redirect Virus allows these high-profile marketers and business people to target youtubers who are looking for a way to make money off of their own passions and interests, and possibly get them to click on their links, and go live. What does this have to do with what youtuber died of?

Well, remember how youtubers like Nicole Thea fell for a scam, and paid thousands of dollars to be a member of this so called “business opportunity”? Nicole’s story is typical of most “business opportunities” out there. In fact, it is not even unique to what happens on the internet, as many high profile companies fall victim to these scams, and some high profile individuals have been exposed as well. This is nothing new, and this type of business scams have been around forever. Therefore, now you know how Nicole died, and that she was probably scammed, and that she became another casualty of the scam epidemic which seems to be running rampant throughout the World Wide Web.

So, what does this all mean? It means that the next time you are looking to sign-up for anything on the Internet, especially something as lucrative and popular as YouTube, you should think very carefully about what you tubers are saying, and what could happen if they are referring to someone who has passed away. One very common thing you see is people using someone else’s death as an excuse. For example, one day Nicole The Scam told her followers that Scott Yakiwchuk, a YouTube star had died in a car crash. Later that day Scott died in his car crash, therefore Nicole must have heard about him, and must be saying something else entirely different about it!

If Nicole is telling you that Scott Yakiwchuk was killed in a car crash, and someone else said it, then it is highly possible that she herself saw Scott Yakiwchuk dies in the crash, because this is the exact same scenario as the one described above. Another thing you will notice with what youtuber died, and what Nicole says is that it’s highly unlikely that she would have mentioned this particular event if she hadn’t watched or listened to one of Scott’s YouTube videos. This could easily be the case if she were not a huge fan of the guy, yet saw him on a regular basis. However, if you do pay attention to what youtubers say about famous people and watch their actual videos, then you can see for yourself that Scott Yakiwchuk wasn’t in a terrible accident, he was actually just in an extremely awful car accident!

So basically, Nicole is claiming that it is impossible for someone who was famous and well loved, to die in a car crash. However, the only person who could possibly prove her statement wrong is herself, and since she doesn’t really know Scott at all, it would probably be a very difficult task for her to contradict herself in the case of his untimely death. Still, considering the information she has provided to date, it is highly unlikely that she will ever contradict herself or even be caught lying. The chances of this happening are quite high given the fact that YouTube and other famous youtubers regularly share links to their live events on their YouTube channels.