Why Does YouTube Keep Stopping on a System? Learn How to Fix It

Why Does YouTube Keep Stopping My Video? It seems that when I am watching YouTube videos my computer always stops. When I am in Windows Movie Maker, I have this option “Settings” and I can either go to properties or over all settings and then click on “YouTube” and see that my video is not on the page, however, when I click play it still says that the video file could not be found.

why does youtube keep stopping

So, I have gone through a lot of trouble trying to watch videos on YouTube with my google chromebook but I have not been able to. Why Does YouTube Keep Stopping My Video? The problem seems to be in the YouTube settings. When I click play without cache, I am able to view the video properly but it never finishes loading or starts.

So, what is wrong? Well, I have tried resetting my internet connection several times but the problem always comes back. But, one of the first things I do when working on YouTube apps like the explorer etc, is to clear data from the internet cache. This actually makes YouTube work properly again. However, I had to clear data from other YouTube apps too to make it work properly.

Setting the Adobe Flash decoder settings to the optimal values helped as well. Apparently, YouTube has a problem with some settings and it will either try to use a lower quality codec or an older model that does not buffer correctly. These codecs will stop playing without any prior notification and the buffering time is extremely poor. To fix this, go to system settings > devices > play without buffering and disable the Wi-Fi adapter.

Another possible cause is that there is no network connection. The reason why you get a “Cannot connect” error when viewing YouTube is because the network connection is not functioning. What you can do is make sure that your Wi-Fi modem has a strong connection and also test whether you have wireless connectivity. If you do not have any wireless device, then simply reconnect your Wi-Fi modem to the Ethernet port. If the connection works, then it’s a problem in the networking device. To fix this, simply disconnect the Wi-Fi device and then re-attempt your connection.

Other reasons why doing YouTube keep stopping can be related to incompatible hardware and software. If you are using Windows OS, then it is highly likely that you are using one of the default settings. Usually, the settings for playing videos are set to their default values which may not be compatible with your hardware. To make YouTube play properly, you need to edit the video settings to point at the proper settings. For instance, if you are using Windows Vista, then the default settings would include Closed Captions and Do Not Repeat. If you change these values to something else, then you might not be able to view some videos on YouTube.

Furthermore, if you are using some antivirus or spyware program to scan your system, then it can interfere with the video settings. The problem with this is that sometimes, the settings for the video files are stored inside the wrong part of your system. For instance, you might have Firefox installed and it would have set the cache for the mp4 files to point at the wrong place on your hard drive. When this happened, the video files will no longer be in the cache, and hence, they will not be viewable on YouTube.

In order to resolve the problems that has been mentioned above, you need to first open up the Task Manager. You can do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and you should see an icon on the left side of the Task Manager called “Network Connection”. This icon can be used to easily check whether your Wi-Fi network connection or Ethernet port is working fine. If you have an unstable Wi-Fi or unstable Ethernet port, then this can be the reason as to why YouTube keeps stopping. Simply change the settings of your network connection and then YouTube should start streaming without any problems.