Why Does YouTube Keeppausing Videos? Learn to Fix This Problem Easily

When you watch YouTube videos, you will often find that YouTube often keeps pausing during playback. Why does YouTube pause in playback mode? Well, the most likely cause is that the web connection isn’t powerful enough to support the high quality stream of the YouTube video in your chosen mode. If this is the case with your internet connection, then the pausing problem can easily be solved by getting an optimal internet speed. However, if you have another reason for the YouTube pause, here are the solutions for your problems:

why does youtube keep pausing

YouTube has two modes – videos and playlists. In order to watch a video in one of the modes, the player must have the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed in it. You can easily check whether the Flash plugin installed in your computer is working or not by going into the “extensions” folder and checking for the existence of “Flash”. If you don’t have the latest version of Flash player installed, then just follow the steps given below to resolve the issue.

First of all, try to find out why does YouTube keep pausing periodically. To do so, go to the settings section and click on “player settings”. Here you should look for the option “frames”, which allows you to choose between different kinds of playback like continuous looping, delayed etc. If you want to delay the video streams, just simply go to the section where “frames” is set to true. However, if you want to continue watching a video without pausing then you would need to go to the section where “autoplay” is set to true.

If the above two simple tricks do not work for you, then the other possible solution is the problem caused by the usage of the Smart Phone as a remote control. This has often been seen in kids when they are watching their favorite videos. Rather than pausing or stopping the video stream while it is in progress, the smart phone saves the video on its internal memory and starts watching when the device gets a signal. However, this can be used judiciously and only if you do not want the pause button to go active.

The second common reason why YouTube keeps pausing is due to different causes. One such reason is the poor quality of the internet connection. If your internet connection is slow to download, then YouTube may take quite a long time to play back your favorite videos. So, whenever there is a heavy load on the internet connection, such as streaming videos, YouTube pauses the videos. This is because of the constant need for downloading large files from the internet.

The third possible reason why YouTube keeps pauing is related to the Java Script that runs behind the scenes. Sometimes, there are malicious adware programs installed on your PC that can generate pop-ups. The pop-up ads can get stuck in the middle of the video and if you try to skip them, the video will be paused. The only way to get out of this mess is to close all the applications and browsers that were open when the pop-up appeared. This is the reason why YouTube pauses videos when you have internet issues.

The second most common reason why YouTube keeps pausing videos is because of the settings that are used on your PC. Sometimes, the Windows Registry gets damaged and this leads to the system getting hung up on different occasions. To fix this, you need to use a good registry cleaner tool to scan through your PC and repair any of the damaged settings that are inside it.

The best way to solve the question of why does YouTube keep pausing videos is to fix the various problems that cause this issue. One of the best things that you can do to stop constant pausing is to turn off any distracting background programs that are running in the background of your system. These include things like background updating and other processes that may constantly run on your PC. Another way to fix this problem is to use a good spyware removal program and scan through your PC. By removing these two threats, your internet connection should work perfectly.