Why Does YouTube Music Keep Pause? What Can Be Done?

If you’re like most YouTube users, then you’re probably annoyed by the fact that YouTube music keeps pausing. Don’t get me wrong; I understand your frustration because it’s a real problem when YouTube music seems to be playing but nothing is coming out of your speakers. In some cases, you might even turn your computer off and just sit in front of the TV until things resume normally. Of course, this is a very bad idea! Why does YouTube music keep pausing? There are some potential reasons that you might have missed.

why does youtube music keep pausing

First, there are some technical factors that might be affecting how YouTube music pauses. The way YouTube works is really quite simple: each time a new track is played, it plays the previous song. However, there are some problems with how YouTube processes music and other factors that contribute to why YouTube pauses randomly. The biggest potential reason why YouTube music pauses is due to problems with the files that YouTube uses as references for the songs. Specifically, a lot of music files have been corrupt or damaged somehow and as such, they can’t play on YouTube correctly. We’ll go over the most common reason why this happens and the easiest way to fix it.

If you’re having a major problem with YouTube music pausing, the first thing that you should do is download & run an antivirus program. Some viruses will have a big impact on YouTube, making the entire site unusable while others won’t have any noticeable affect. In general, you want to get the best antivirus program you can afford, as these tend to be the most effective at fighting malware. Make sure you run an antivirus scan on the computer where the music files are being hosted. If the problem is on the hard drive, simply transfer all your data to another PC and use an alternate storage device.

The problem that is causing YouTube music to pause is actually related to your actual music files themselves. It’s all to do with how Internet Explorer handles the “streaming” of files. Internet Explorer will typically find the majority of files on your hard drive. However, if it finds a lot of corrupt or damaged files, it will have to put these files into a “safe” folder before it can play them. This causes Internet Explorer to take longer to load up and even cause it to crash. This problem is actually related to the way in which Windows updates itself, as it’s continually having to make changes to the” safest” update folders.

The way to stop this from happening is to ensure that the music that you want to listen to on YouTube is being hosted on the “safe” music hosting sites. These websites will be able to tell the difference between safe and unsafe music files, and will consequently load them up properly whenever Internet Explorer has a problem. At the same time, there’s actually a very easy way to fix this problem if you are using Internet Explorer – it’s a simple matter of going into the “about” section of your Internet Explorer page. Under the heading of “eatured programs”, you should be able to click on the link for” YouTube Music Downloader”.

This tool is actually one of the most reliable ways of making sure that you are never stopped by pausing or playing songs that you don’t want to hear again. The reason why is because it’s been designed to make sure that it knows exactly when YouTube is going to be updating its data, and will hence always play the latest music. To use this tool, all that you need to do is click the “Start” button on the browser, then click “Internet Options”. From there, go to the “Toggle Auto Download Technology” check box, and then click “Yes” to enable it. You should always make sure that the music that you want to listen to on YouTube is actually being hosted there, and not only on the Internet page that you are currently viewing.

If the above method does not work as desired, then your second option is to download and use YouTube’s free Real Time Digital Quality (RTCD) tool. As with the YouTube Music Playback Manager, all you have to do is click on the “Start” button and then click “OK”. From there, you can set the parameters such as speed, quality, channel types, etc., and even choose to automatically download the latest music videos on to your computer every time they are updated! This is perhaps the best way of avoiding YouTube pausing and playing songs that you do not want to listen to, yet which you legitimately want to!

Finally, if none of these methods work, then the only other option left for you is to rip out your existing satellite TV software and try again. Even if your TV does have the technology already installed, if it is more than a few years old, then it may not have the capability to read the audio tracks it receives from YouTube, and as such would be pausing and playing the wrong music! Luckily, there is an easier solution to this problem! Use one of the online software packages, which are designed specifically to rip out YouTube versions of your favorite music videos, regardless of whether they are already hosted on YouTube.