Why Does YouTube Recommendations Count?

why does youtube recommended videos i ve already watched

Why Does YouTube Recommendations Count?

When I was first watching YouTube, it had a few drawbacks that drove me to look for other video sites. First of all, YouTube recommended videos that I had already watched, which was a hassle because I didn’t want to rewind and start all over again. Also, the video sites that offered those types of recommendations used to be buggy and really slow. You had to leave the page to watch the next video.

Recently though, Google made many improvements that have improved YouTube. First of all, you no longer have to leave the page to watch another video. Instead, you can simply click on the ‘watch’ button and it will take you to where you want to be. It is much faster than the old system. The video also plays much better when you are on a site that offers many similar videos. The audio on the videos are also better, and there are many extra options like comments and rating systems.

So if you are looking for a place to watch YouTube videos, there are several different places to look. What do you prefer? Personally, I like using Google since it is the top search engine. If I want to find something on YouTube, I would like to search under videos and then type in the keyword I would like to see in my video. Then I go to the search engine and see what comes up.

Of course, YouTube still uses Google. I would just use the alternate search engines for more options. If I am trying to find something specific, I may use YouTube search again. I have used this method before to find out what music I would like to stream. With the new search options, you can narrow down the results very quickly and get to what you are looking for much more easily.

After finding videos I would like to watch, I have two other options. The first is to watch the video I have already watched. This can sometimes be a hassle because each video on YouTube is slightly different so it can take awhile to find the one that I enjoy watching the most. It’s definitely worth it though, especially if the video I love is one of the ones recommending an affiliate product I have already purchased.

The second option is to search for all videos that have to do with the keyword or phrase I have used to search for my favorite YouTube video. I love to see everything that has to do with my favorite movies, TV shows, and stars. If I happen to stumble upon an ad for something I just love, I would like to go all out and buy that product. It would also be nice to check and see what other videos I can stumble upon that are related to whatever it is I’m currently shopping for.

Once I have found the specific video that I want to rate and comment on, I can either bookmark the page where I found the video or add it to my favorites. Either way it will be available for future use when I can’t find my favorite video. Sometimes it’s easier to scroll through some of the older videos on YouTube. That way I can find the ones that have stuck with me the longest and can play them over again. It’s a great way to find out what is coming up on YouTube the most and rate and comment on the ones that interest me the most.

In addition to these other benefits, YouTube also offers a free video section where you can find and rate any video you like. It is extremely easy to navigate through and if I happen to find a video that I enjoy very much, I will often recommend it to others by sharing the link to it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I have shared some of the videos I have found on the website with family and friends and they are all enjoying them. You never know who is watching one of your recommendations and getting the benefit from it. I would recommend the site to anyone searching for information on video creation or how to make money online. There is so much information to unearth with this simple site that I would urge you to take advantage of the free membership to get unlimited access.