Why Does YouTube Unsubscribe Me From Channels?

Recently I decided to search YouTube for “Why does YouTube unsubscribe me from accounts?” I was interested to see if there was any connection between YouTube and emails. My son had just started school and in one of the lessons he mentioned that he liked to make videos for YouTube. I thought this was a really cool thing to do and so I began to search YouTube for some information. But I quickly noticed that YouTube does not give you any statistics on why they might have sent me the email.

why does youtube unsubscribe me from channels

My next thought was “Are they sending me banned emails”? Of course I had the impression that banned users do not watch their videos again or even look at them again. I could not understand why YouTube would ban someone for something that I had done only once. I decided to send an email to YouTube explaining the video and the circumstances surrounding it and I hoped that I would get an answer. Unfortunately I got no reply from YouTube or any of their other email support centers.

I then started to think about what happened and realized that perhaps I had been banned from YouTube due to the controversial video I posted. Perhaps my account was banned due to a video that challenged views of a religion in the name of freedom of speech. Perhaps I should have asked the question in my video that why is YouTube banning people from their pages?

My next step was to check all the channels I had access to that had video access. Was I excluded from those accounts because I was making fun of religion in one of my videos? Was I banned from all of YouTube’s channels, not just the religious ones? The answer to both questions is no. YouTube has chosen to ban users based on channels they choose instead of reasons they choose.

This is what I discovered after a long period of time researching YouTube and other video sharing websites. There is no central database for the millions of channels on YouTube. Each channel has its own rules and restrictions. Not only were some of my channels banned, but others I did not even know existed. There are hundreds of thousands of video uploads on YouTube which means that some users have been banned due to things they have posted in their videos.

A couple weeks ago I was attempting to download a video from YouTube when I realized that YouTube was blocking the entire video file. Instead of seeing the video file it was hiding behind an “X”. I immediately clicked on the “x” and saw that it was a link to a page that did not exist. I was then instructed to log into YouTube and find the video I wanted to watch. I was unable to find the video I was looking for and was given the error message “You are not allowed to watch this video at this time”.

After I clicked “play” again, the video stopped playing and I was directed to a page that did not exist. Instead of seeing the video again, I was asked to click on a link. I clicked the link and was redirected to a page that had the same video file as before except this time, there were no links leading to the video. After I clicked on the link, I was immediately taken to the website YouTube. I immediately asked YouTube why they would want me to watch this video, which they directed me to the terms and conditions.

Upon further inspection of the page, it turned out that I was being sent to a page that allowed users to unsubscribe from any YouTube channels they do not want to see anymore. I found this to be incredibly troublesome and had to find a way around it. I could no longer view any videos on YouTube, since I was told I could not watch any videos on YouTube. Was I out of luck? No, I was able to find a solution to my problem on YouTube itself.