Why Is My Video Not Processing On YouTube?

I’ve gone through a lot of problems trying to upload and download videos on YouTube. There are a ton of people that claim their problem is related to a limited bandwidth, others have sound issues, and yet others still have video that just doesn’t load! This tutorial will show you the cause of your problem in an easy to understand way.

why is my video not processing on youtube

The first thing I would try is simply renewing your account. If this does not work, I recommend making a back-up of everything you have. It is extremely important to back up your files in case this happens. I always do a backup before doing anything else with my computer!

After checking, be sure to search for YouTube compatibility. Some operating systems are not compatible with YouTube, so if your operating system is not YouTube ready, then uploading videos on YouTube can be very frustrating. Also, check the internet connection and compare it to your current internet speed. A slow connection may be causing YouTube to take much longer to process your video.

Use the latest software version of YouTube by downloading it and installing it. Sometimes older versions of the software will not be compatible with newer versions. When uploading a video, select “portable” option. This will make your video much faster. Be sure to always choose the “portable” option.

Use a compression utility to eliminate unnecessary file size. This is the biggest reason why your video is not processing as fast as it should. You may want to look into “LZ compression”. LZ compression reduces file size without reducing the quality!

If uploading still makes your computer run slowly, it could be an issue with your upload speed. This can easily be fixed. First, download a program called PC Optimizer. This will speed up your upload speed tremendously!

Other possible reasons for your upload not working on YouTube could also be due to virus or spyware. The best way to rid yourself of these issues is by running a full system scan on your computer. Run the program “XoftSpySE”. This program can detect and remove malicious files that could be hiding in your PC.

Hopefully this article has helped answer your question of “Why is my video not processing on YouTube”. If none of the solutions above work, try posting the issue on the relevant support channels of YouTube. Be sure to save your video in a new folder and do not re-upload it anywhere else. Videos are very valuable to internet marketers. By making a quick change to the problem, you can get your videos back on YouTube in no time at all! So don’t let your video fail to process!

I have used many tools to make my videos as efficient as possible. My newest trick is a software that converts all my videos to wmv format. This makes editing much easier and more effective. I simply import my video and the software does the rest!

The last thing I would suggest is running a full registry scan and cleaning. I use RegCure. This software is extremely effective at scanning and cleaning your computer system. It can fix a number of problems on your computer such as missing dll files and invalid entries. It will even repair corrupt files.

If none of the above tricks to solve your problem on uploading to YouTube, then you may want to try a third party program calleduvirusyx. This software will completely clean your computer system. It will delete all traces of viruses, adware and malware. I would personally recommend that you use it. However, if none of those solutions worked for you, then I would recommend using the registry cleaner.

Hopefully that answers your question “Why is my video not processing on YouTube?” Now, if your problem is uploading the video to YouTube, there are 2 more things you can do to speed it up. The first is calledytpn. You can set this up so that when you send a link to someone on social media, they get an email instead of seeing your video. The other solution is using smooths. This will save you bandwidth and will also keep track of who is making comments on your videos.