Why Is My YouTube Videos in Spanish?

“Why are my YouTube videos in Spanish?” This is a question many have asked themselves, whether through the use of a program like Google, or even just searching the web. Many people have even resorted to purchasing a “free language tool” to help them understand Spanish on the spot. However, even after spending a lot of time with these programs, and paying for them in the form of a “subscription”, I still wasn’t able to find the answer to that question.

why are my youtube ads in spanish

The main reason why this is the case stems from two different aspects. One is that YouTube offers a “video description” underneath every video file, which explains the title, and shortens the explanation on what the file is about. Obviously, this would be a big time saver if you’re trying to understand a video, but when it comes to understanding audio files, the description isn’t very helpful, because there is no indication as to what the file is about.

The second problem is with YouTube’s search engine. Due to the overwhelming number of “free” audio files available to their users, YouTube has decided to make it harder for those who want to access these audio files. This is done by having search results pop up for every audio file found on YouTube. This means that if you want to see what a particular audio file is about, all you need to do is type the word “free Spanish audio” into the search bar, and see what pops up.

But wait! There’s a better way. The reason why YouTube won’t show you Spanish audio files in your searches for Spanish audio files is because they don’t contain any of these audio files in their database. This is because audio files are only available for a fee. Because YouTube is based online, it’s crucial that they have a way of collecting these audio files in order to be able to provide video content to their site visitors.

In other words, all you need to do in order to find out why are my YouTube videos in Spanish? The answer is actually very simple. You can go to the audio section of YouTube and search for the keywords “free Spanish audio”. Once you do this, you’ll be able to see what options are available to you. There will be a large number of links to audio files that you can download, and some of them will probably be free audio files as well.

Some audio files are lower quality than others. This is something you’ll notice straight away, because the file will be quite noticeable when playing back on a small television. But what you should notice is that the quality of the audio tends to be consistent across YouTube. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to an mp3 file, or some sort of high quality audio file like a professional podcast. It’s all going to sound pretty much the same.

So now that you know why, it’s time to choose some of the audio files that you could acquire. The easiest way to do this is to use something like GarageBand. This software is great for converting audio files into a more portable format, and you can download almost any kind of audio file that you want. You should be able to find lots of podcasts and audio discussions on Spanish websites, so if you really can’t find any free audio files with that subject matter in mind, you should try to check those out as well. There are lots of people who find themselves at the Spanish speaking country learning a new language by themselves, so it’s certainly possible.

Now that you know why, you’re finally ready to start looking for videos that use those audio files. Unfortunately, it will be much harder to find actual Spanish speaking people using that method. You may be able to spot a few here and there, but chances are they’ll be Americans or Europeans. Luckily there’s another solution. You can use sites that aggregate Spanish speaking videos. Sites like YouTube and Metacafe are a great way to find actual Spanish speaking people.