Why Tiger Woods Videos On YouTube Is So Great

The Tiger Woods YouTube phenomenon has taken Hollywood by storm. It seems that almost every time Tiger Woods loses, the news coverage on him always includes his YouTube videos. He is now being billed as an all-star golfer and is being cast as the newest greatest athlete of our times. And why not? Tiger Woods has more celebrity appeal than almost any other athlete in sports today and his videos have done a lot to increase his popularity.

tiger woods youtube

But how did this phenomenon happen? Where did all these videos come from? And more importantly why are these videos so popular? We will try to answer these questions and much more in this article. You will no doubt be surprised at how easy it is to promote Tiger Woods and his products with the help of these awesome videos.

First of all you must understand what Tiger Woods does to promote himself and his golfing ability. Every time you watch one of his videos, you will see him playing great golf, hitting amazing shots and generally having a great time. Viewers love to watch Tiger Woods play because he appears so relaxed and he seems so great.

The YouTube videos are an excellent way for audiences to see Tiger Woods in a completely natural environment, away from the glare of the television, the crowds and the criticism. In other words, viewers get to see Woods play golf and it is almost as if he is not even human. These videos also give fans a chance to see Tiger in a different light when compared to other players. They get to see the real player behind the glasses. And the captions and comedy in the videos really do make it feel like Tiger Woods is actually having fun on the golf course. He looks like a million dollars and the videos simply have a great ring to them.

Another reason these YouTube videos are so popular is because they show us just what makes Tiger Woods a great athlete. They show us that he is not just a good golfer, but a great athlete who play golf like no other. They also show off some of his skills as a great baseliner, a great defensive player and a terrific putter.

All of these things add up to show why people continue to watch Woods play well into his older age. He has managed to master the game of golf and play well not only against his own peers but against some of the greatest players of our times. He has beaten the best and the brightest and done it without showing signs of slowing down and doing anything flashy.

You can see why people continue to look up to Tiger Woods on YouTube. It’s not that his games don’t work. It’s that he is able to do all of these things and still keep his game looking good. These videos are not like other “watch it live” videos where you have to wait for the next game to air.

If you want to get in on some of that attention that Woods is getting, you should definitely start subscribing to his YouTube account. He is a great asset to have when you are looking to get a good view of how he does things as well as get a feel for what type of player he is. It’s clear that he is trying to stay above the competition and he is certainly doing a good job of it. The videos are there for all to see. So, get on the bandwagon and subscribe to his YouTube account.