Why You Should Dislike Ethan A. Cohen

The controversial YouTube Mark Steyn has made a return to the world of blogging, this time with an internet news website that covers global affairs, entertainment, celebrity news and much more. In fact the first article I ever posted here was on Inglis Edwards. This website is not a new one, in fact it was launched just prior to the Edwards’ demise, but to my knowledge it hasn’t seen as much coverage as the new steynite site.

youtube mark steyn

The most recent articles written by YouTube Mark Steyn were focused on the conflicts in Iraq, Egypt and Israel, all of which he believes are festering issues that will end in war. In the article entitled “The Inside Story” Steyn states that both sides of the conflicts are to blame for the escalating violence, and without violence there wouldn’t be escalation. The conflicts themselves can’t be blamed, rather the people in power in both countries, lack the will to bring about peace.

One headline that really jumped out at me from the article was “Covid-19: Israel Fights to Save Face at YouTube,” which I found quite alarming. Apparently the Israeli government is trying to save face at YouTube by deleting videos that they believe contain unprofessional statements by Israeli officials. In a related article Steyn also states that it is in the best interests of Egypt and Israel to “get along.” This is code for regime change in both nations, yet in the case of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood was removed in the coup, and now there is a power vacuum. Some say that this is becauseousse had lost too many followers to maintain her hold on power. Meanwhile the Jews have suffered greatly in the BDS attack on Israel.

In the second article titled “Covid-19: The Israeli-Hezbolla War rages on,” written by Richard Spencer, he notes that “the Jew-haters at YouTube are attacking those YouTube channels which show clips of Hamas and Hezbollah firing rockets into Israel.” He further states, “Covid-19 is actually an Israeli government channel,” and so the deletions were done by the same people who ordered the original attacks on civilian targets in the first place. The conflict between the Jewish state and the terrorist groups in Hamas and Hezbollah is becoming more intense. It appears as if the escalation could cause an all out war.

Not long ago, the Jewish Daily Forward published an article entitled “The New York Times Declares Israel in War With Iran,” written by Tablet Mag’s Tablet News Desk Associate Editor Ethan A. Cohen. In his article he calls the United States’ handling of the Iran hostage crisis “naive” and says that the “new administration should be careful not to alienate either its Arab allies or the Europeans.” The United States has been one of the strongest states in the Western World when it comes to using YouTube as a tool to disseminate information and as a way to defame opponents and to spread misinformation. Therefore, the United States needs to take a hard look at their handling of the situation.

It is amazing to me that there is this hysteria over a man called Ethan A. Cohen. The guy is hardly an expert in anything, and yet he is accusing the United States of “deafening” and of “planting a flag of deceit in the midst of the Holy Land.” I suppose that anyone who pays attention to the news at all will know that the event was completely staged. Further, there is no doubt that Mr. Cohen is not the most skilled writer on the topic, but he is correct in his statement that there is no proof that the Obama White House used the YouTube videos to justify the attacks on Israel. Further, there is no evidence that anyone other than the Administration ordered the YouTube videos taken down. Therefore, I would call the entire situation a lie, plain and simple.

The fact is that the United States has a lot of enemies in the world, including Hezbollah and Iran. We have a long history of fighting terrorists, and we have a long track record of winning. If we want to trust the Obama Administration to stop Iran from building nukes, it is simply not possible. Further, it is simply not possible for the United States to control the actions of those who hate us, and who would use anything to kill US servicemen or our people overseas. Therefore, I would submit to you that all the hysteria over Ethan A. Cohen is absolutely and obviously a lie.

You see, there are two sides to a coin. You can’t always choose the bad guys, although there are times when it’s very difficult to do so. On the other hand, you don’t always need to pick sides, as the end result of the YouTube videos might end up helping the enemies of the United States, instead of hurt them. Therefore, it is up to us as citizens of the world to be smart and to make sure that we’re informed, and that we are not being lied to by our leadership.