Will From Survivor

“Will From Survivor” is a documentary that tells the story of a young woman, identified as Angel, who was in a terrible car accident in Florida and emerged unscathed. The accident itself was brutal and quick, with the car careening off the road and smashing into a tree. There were no survivors. Her father was driving the car and did not stop in time, leaving his daughter to fend for herself.

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Will suffered major injuries, including her head being severed by the shattered windshield and severed arm. She had no way of saving it other than to fend for herself for nearly two weeks before someone found her in the ditch. This film follows her life until she is found by strangers who take her in.

There are many factors that make this movie unique and unforgettable. First, we have the incredible story told through the words of the people who find her. They are very insightful and provide a first person account of what happened to Angel. It is very sad when you think about it. You know she must have loved her father, but beyond that, you do not know. This is why the viewer should be able to empathy for what she is going through.

The second reason this film is special is because of the characters involved. There is Will from survivor. This is one of many YouTube videos of people doing the same thing, but most never get the chance to see their video’s end. This is because they don’t go beyond the first few minutes of the video because they think the viewers don’t have time to watch something boring and uninteresting. On the contrary, this video has some of the best comments and questions I have seen on YouTube in a long time.

Another reason this film is great is because it is not a typical road horror or accident series. It is instead a romantic story that showcases the character’s love for her father and the true courage she shows for saving her life. Will from Survivor is also smart and shows us how one can be strong even under great duress. The film reminds us how one person can become stronger by relying on someone else.

Will From Survivor is the first short film I have watched that focuses entirely on one character’s struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. The subject matter itself is definitely one of the more interesting parts of the film because it deals with an aspect that many people struggle with. PTSD as it is often called is often associated with war and mass casualties, but many sufferers actually come from all kinds of situations, such as abuse, poverty and even suicide. In many ways, Will From Survivor helps us realize that while these are horrible and tragic events, they are also small bumps on the road to becoming stronger and better.

The way Will from Survivor manipulates and plays his victim makes him interesting and entertaining. His quirky behavior and mannerisms help keep the audience interested. This is in direct contrast to the acting and writing style of the other survivors, who often come across as stiff and boring. These characteristics make many viewers feel as if they are being drawn into Will’s world and his quips and observations.

Will From Survivor is a fantastic film from start to finish. The plot is engaging from beginning to end, the acting is sometimes great, and the cinematography adds to the overall excitement and energy of the film. My only real complaint is that the ending could use some work. Other than that, this is definitely a must watch film. If you haven’t had a chance to view this great film, make sure you take the time to do so!