Will From Survivor

“Will From Survivor” is an inspirational true story of overcoming a dangerous addiction and coming out the other side. The writer, Jasmine Chase, tells her tragic story in this video. It’s been viewed more than two million times. The video tells the story of Jasmine, who at the age of 19 was addicted to cocaine.

will from survivor youtube

When she went into recovery, she had hopes of going back to school to get a degree. But when her family couldn’t afford it, she dropped out. After seven months in and two weeks off of drugs, Jasmine was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine. She pled guilty and was sentenced to two and a half years in jail.

The judge told Jasmine that he believed she had a drug problem and that she would have to go to jail if she continued to use drugs. Her drug addiction had claimed her not only emotionally but also physically as well. Her family was suffering to pay her bills, car payments, and the added stress of having a felon behind bars.

On YouTube, you’ll find videos like these all the time. Many people, especially those with large followings, watch these videos with their eyes wide open. They’ll see the singer from Metallica with her white locks pulled back tight in a ponytail, flashing her teeth as she sings… and then they’ll hear the same girl on YouTube singing about all the pain she’s been through and promising that she’ll be better for the… wait for it… next album. The same girl from The Voice UK tells of the abuse she endured as a child and how she overcame it. The same girl from Ripper Roxy asks everyone to please take the word of… wait for it… Ben Dover!

This video will draw you in because it draws you in because it hits home. Most addicts’ families, friends and loved ones will tell you how much the victim or survivor loses their sense of reason. How can someone so full of life and happiness be so consumed by pain and the desire to run? It’s not just the victim or the survivor this video targets. It targets anyone who is watching, since the video itself doesn’t state who the audience is.

Anyone who watches this video will, in the same way, be affected by the message the video sends. It hits home and it hurts. If you are watching or reading this article, chances are you are either already a victim or a survivor yourself. Whether the cause of your addiction is an accident, the product of an addiction or the result of something you’ve done, it still hits home.

You’ll get the same feeling you have every time you see the ad. This same feeling will come over you when you reread the same story. This is why the ad has become so powerful and popular. People read it and they remember it. They remember the feeling of helplessness and the fear of losing control.

This is where Will From Survivor YouTube comes in. This man’s life was touched by drug addiction. He uses the video to tell his story and he shares his recovery with those who are watching. He’s sharing the results and the successes that have been his.

He tells you how his life was shattered when he was in an accident that caused him to lose his legs. As the video progresses, you’ll notice that he is growing increasingly fearful as he contemplates what might have happened if he hadn’t been wearing a seat belt. As his confidence grows, he also makes some important choices that help him to leave behind a difficult situation. These choices lead to a new path in his life, one that will benefit him for many years to come.

The video shows many different parts of Will From Survivor’s life. You’ll get to see him while he is on drugs. You’ll see him doing things that would seem outrageous to normal people. You’ll even get the full scoop on the drugs he was addicted to and the experiences he endured.

You will also see that Will From Survivor was not perfect. Although he made some serious mistakes, he also had successes. While you are learning about the drug addict’s life, you’ll see some of his good traits as well. You’ll recognize some of his courage. This is important because so many young people that become drug addicts do not learn how to handle their feelings.