Will From Survivor: Special Edition 1 – Introduction

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Will From Survivor: Special Edition 1 – Introduction

“Will from Survivor” is an incredibly moving short film about a young woman who must deal with the loss of both her parents and her younger brother while in the process of making an important discovery. The movie itself has some excellent visual qualities, but it also deals with some disturbing issues, especially towards the end. It pulls no punches when it comes to telling graphic and sometimes upsetting stories about death and the aftermath. But after the unexpected reveal at the end, the viewer might not see the footage as anything other than a touching and heroic story of hope.

In the first scene alone, we are introduced to Rose (Haylie Duff), a high school student living in a small town in upstate New York. She lives with her mother and older sister on a modest home. The family’s only breadwinner is older brother Luke (Aaron Ruellenbach), a handyman who works long hours at night fixing appliances and the like. Throughout the summer, Rose meets up with several friends, all of whom seem to have the same interests as her – she is immediately attracted to a local fisherman, Jordan (Kevin Dunn), even thinking about having sex with him in the car on their way to parties.

This eventually leads Rose to meet Jacob (Efren Ramirez) a boy from her past, whose brother died while in the hospital fighting a vicious creature. In true Will From Survivor style, Rose immediately suspects him of being the serial killer that her parents say they knew was dying. He reveals his secret to Rose and the two of them become good friends. However, things go bad when Rose is brutally murdered by a vampire. As it turns out, she is not the first victim of this savage killer and he takes over her body and assumes complete control of her mind.

As the video progresses, we get to see how Rose and her new friend, Jacob, become deep friends. They form a great support group and find strength in each other during dark times. Eventually, they begin to build a plan to solve the mystery surrounding the serial killer and his victims. Rose and Jacob get a bit too close to each other as the video shows their every conversation, both verbally and on camera. At one point in the video, Jacob professes his love for Rose, something that got her heart racing as she saw his reaction when she mentioned sex.

The video ends with the couple in a car crash and Jacob gets slightly injured in the process. The ambulance arrives and Rose is taken to the hospital where doctors perform life support. As the video ends we get a clear shot of her dead body lying on a gurney. As we can see from the look on her face and the expression on her lips, Rose is actually alive and well after the events of the video. As the credits roll we see a montage of the entire events of the video, beginning with Rose’s discovery of the serial killer and her subsequent struggle to get justice for the victims and ending with the sad realization that Rose is gone.

The plot of the video follows the same pattern as Will From Survivor. The first few minutes give the viewer a taste of what is to come as the two main characters react to the events that transpire between them and the viewer. We learn that Rose is working as a waitress at a fast food restaurant when she comes into contact with a strange man. Things go from there as the two of them begin to communicate and eventually fall in love.

In the second video we learn more about Rose and we are introduced to some of the other characters involved. Jacob and his associate arrive at the restaurant after the attempted murder and are confronted by the killer himself. Once the group enters the restaurant, Rose stumbles upon the hidden body of the serial killer and we watch the ensuing fight that leads him to defeat the criminal. Then we cut to a final scene showing Jacob talking to the police about the events that took place during the attack.

Although these videos aren’t very long, they are definitely worth watching. We get to know some of the characters involved in this strange case and learn more about Rose. We see how her relationship with Jacob evolves as they work to clear their names. The video is a steady and interesting pace that never goes stale. The video provides an easy way for fans of the Will From Survivor YouTube channel to become acquainted with the show and perhaps become more involved in the fan-created scenes and characters.