Will From Survivor Video – An Open Book About Sexual Assault and Campus Harassment

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Will From Survivor Video – An Open Book About Sexual Assault and Campus Harassment

You might want to know if Will From Survivor can make a YouTube video and get millions of hits. It is possible and I am going to tell you how. Will From Survivor had his own show on the Discovery Channel called No Reservations. I did not watch it but it was good.

He talked about living in New York City as a teenager, being beat up by the guards, drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd. His story was very interesting and many people got into it like I did. I have never been a person who hangs out with the wrong crowd or does drugs. I would love to meet him though so I could ask him questions.

Will From Survivor tells some people in the audience that they are not going to die because they will win this thing. Will is definitely telling the truth and the people he tells are no liars. Then at the end of the speech he asks people to come to his website and he will give them free advice. The website has a form for people to enter their email addresses. So many people enter their email addresses then there are more people that will be given the free information.

Will From Survivor YouTube Video got millions of views in a very short time. The video has been viewed over 45 million times. He has interviewed some very famous people such as Oliver North, Senator John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and President George W. Bush. This man has given some very insightful interviews and I believe he is right on with what he says.

You see, I believe one of the reasons people do drugs or drink is to see how other people act. When you go on YouTube and look at all of the comments left by people you will see that some people say mean things about their fellow students and others have really bad grammar. But that is how life is; we are all different and if we can learn to deal with each other properly in a public forum then I believe we can help our country and stop people from using drugs and alcohol. We all have to reach a common goal and that common goal should be to help our students become the very best they can be.

Will From Survivor YouTube Video has also interviewed people who have survived sexual assault. These survivors have gone on to share their story on YouTube and have received thousands of views. Some have been featured on television. Some have won awards. These people are living proof that when you are attacked on your own campus, it is OK to speak out because no one will really care about you anyway. Unfortunately if you are attacked on a college campus by a bunch of kids, well, let’s just say you don’t have any shortage of options for this type of attack.

We all have to wake up America and start standing up for ourselves. Our colleges have a huge influence over our youth. If we are not careful, they will brainwash our children into being subservient to the government. Our politicians will tell us that everyone should get an education and go to college and that they will go far in life, but very few of us will actually ever see that happen. As a survivor of a sexual assault, I can tell you that it was even better having those two guys behind bars because I wouldn’t have been able to see where my life went down.

My testimony as a survivor is that we need to be careful what we are listening to and seeing on YouTube. If you are looking for someone to blame, look to yourself first. If you are trying to see why things are happening, look to those that are experiencing the problems first hand. Keep an open mind and do not forget to always reach out to other survivors for support. The survivor video has helped many people learn that they aren’t alone, that they are not crazy, and that they are not bad people because they were victimized.