Will From Survivor – What You Can Do Now

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Will From Survivor – What You Can Do Now

We have all seen the Will From Survivor YouTube videos and others that have circulated on the internet. They are disturbing and very disturbing as survivors tell of how they were assaulted and brutalized by another person. The reality is, these types of videos are disturbing and the victim in particular should be aware that there are people out there who will use their video to hurt them. If you are watching one of these videos right now, then you should know that you can stop it from happening to you.

The victim is probably in a very state of mind at the time that they are being attacked. They may be panicking and in an emotional state. This is not the time to think about the fact that you might get bit or cut. These types of videos glamorize attacking and hurting the victim and most of the time the viewer doesn’t even realize that what they are seeing is violent and what they are seeing might hurt the victim. There is always the chance that the person who is filming the video might not mean any harm but it is all too easy for someone to take it to heart and do the things the victim did not do.

There are ways that you can avoid being targeted by these videos. First off, be careful who you allow to view your YouTube videos. I recommend not allowing anyone who is under the age of 18 to have access to you on YouTube because many of these videos include weapons and other products that could be dangerous if used incorrectly. It is a good idea to be honest and do not lie about where you are going or what you are doing when you are on YouTube. Also, keep your videos up to date so that you are not exposing yourself to new predators.

Be careful of anyone who is following you on Twitter or telling you that they are following you. A lot of these videos will feature others who are actually sending the threats that the real victim is experiencing. Others will post threats on other survivors or people who watch these videos.

Protect yourself by getting a username and a password that are only accessible by you and your friends. This way you know who is actually following you and sending messages. Make sure that you change your password every time somebody posts a threatening comment on your video. Some people will actually create new names and start posting under different usernames when they are threatened on Twitter. You must also be careful to check your email frequently to see if there has been a new video posted.

If you have kids, try to get them to block you on Twitter while you are recording a video because a lot of people will try to get you to post the video on other websites. When you are not available to supervise your own YouTube videos, make sure that your kids know how to stop you from being a victim. Make sure that they know that you are in a safe place and that nobody can contact you.

Do not let your kids post a link on their video for strangers to view. Most predators may use hidden cameras to watch their victims and if your kids provide a link, they may actually be watched. It may be very scary for them to see a stranger taking a video about them, so you may want to keep it private or require that they save the link they provide to only people who are in their direct contact with them.

If you become a victim of a predator using YouTube, you will need to know how to get help. You can share this video with your friends and the Internet will be a place were predators thrive. Many people will be glad to help you out if you post this online and explain to them what happened. If you are having trouble coping with this situation, get help today.