Will From Survivor: YouTube

If you have been watching YouTube lately then you have undoubtedly seen one of the many videos called “Will from Survivor”. This is an amazing video that takes you into a real life situation where a Survivor is about to be voted out of the game. It is amazing all the things that happen that turn this person into a wreck. I really want to talk about it here in this article.

will from survivor youtube

First off, what is Will from Survivor? It is a YouTube video series featuring Survivor contestant and real-life friend Mike Wilkins. He is a 37-year-old former professional skateboarder turned sports writer who has always had an interest in Survivor. He has always said that he would play Survivor every chance he got. In this video he shows a very devastating Tribal Council decision where he completely freaks out.

What happens in the video is rather graphic. In the background you can hear him sobbing his guts out as he loses the vote. At one point he just starts crying and his face is red. Some people might be offended by some of the content in this video, so if you are not comfortable watching this please watch another.

You see, Will from Survivor has always had this hatred for the Heroes Tribal Council. His whole life he has held a grudge against them. In this video he lets it all out on live television. The way he speaks and his emotions are quite disgusting. For someone who once felt so great about himself because he won Survivor should be ashamed of himself.

Now listen, I am not saying that Will From Survivor is a bad guy or anything. But he shouldn’t be glorified in this video. His emotional range is questionable and I question his judgment on some of these social websites. You might not agree with me but I am just saying. Maybe he should stick to more important things like producing a good show and not waste his energy on these silly little social websites that allow him to display his misery.

If there was ever a time for a reality television show about a person being a bully then it would be now. Right now it looks like the Teen Choice Awards are going to put out a few choices of musical performances. Do you think Will From Survivor will have the guts to say “no” to any of these songs? Who knows, maybe he will just walk away.

It is unfortunate that there are people who promote violence and the likes with the help of YouTube and other social networking sites. Yes, people get enjoyment out of these videos, but it is hard to justify the glorification of the act. It is unfortunate that some groups promote these types of videos because they have an agenda which is to control the minds of young people.

If you are a parent watching this show, make sure you have your kids with you. They are going to find this very disturbing. I would recommend you take some time out of your day to look over this video and make sure that your kids are not exposed to it when you are not around. Please consider this in 2021.

Will From Survivor is promoting music that encourages rape and violence against women. There are many issues with this show including his choice of music. Rap is a form of music that can have a positive effect on a young person’s life if it is used correctly. Unfortunately Will From Survivor has chosen to market himself and his band using inappropriate music.

This shows a lack of judgment on the part of the man who calls himself a motivational speaker. He could have easily chosen a more tasteful topic for his show such as overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. Instead, he has decided to talk about his battle with depression. Will From Survivor is actually portraying a scene from a movie where a character is talking to a therapist about his past experiences with drugs and alcohol.

If you are going to promote something like Will From Survivor then you better choose your subjects wisely. Not only is this showing lack of judgment, but it is also dangerous to a young audience. I am sure many parents will be sending their kids to watch this program. I would think that they would rather watch Spongebob Squarepants or some other cartoon that is appropriate for their age. This whole thing is an embarrassment and I am sure other survivors of sexual assault will use YouTube to share their stories without the world having to know about it.