Will From Survivor YouTube Channel Get Viewers to Change Their Views on Abortion?

“I’ll from survivor YouTube” is a series of eleven video diaries produced by YouTube personality and self-proclaimed “selfie guru,” Brandon Wade. In the videos, Wade poses with a badly injured friend, presses a panic button on his chest, then runs out of the frame to hide behind a car, only to have his camera capturing the whole thing. He then narrates over the footage, often talking at a slow pace yet still clearly identifying himself as the narrator. Each video lasts for about fifteen minutes.

will from survivor youtube

Although some videos are clearly intended as candid documentation of real events (such as the one-minute Long Island recounting the tragic death of Kyle Kinane), most of the content is the aforementioned “selfie guru” speak-out-of-body experience. This being said, it is not impossible that some people could find these videos offensive. Indeed, I have some concerns about the accuracy of some of the imagery used in this channel and am sure there are other issues that will be brought up as well.

The fact that this YouTube personality is apparently so well-versed in the ways of the Christian Right should be a red flag of sorts about his true motives. He seems to show little regard for anyone who disagrees with him or appears insufficiently convinced of his point. In one video, he states: “I don’t want your opinion. If you don’t believe that abortion is murder, then you can’t tell me whether or not killing babies is murder.”

I find that comment to be both insulting and problematic. What will the real purpose of this video be? To present views and opinions that are predicated on the shoddy research provided by the YouTube user and that will give all viewers the very same misleading information? Would this have any bearing on the viewer’s view of the situation?

Will from survivor YouTube encourage viewers to express solidarity by “liking” the account and encouraging others to do the same? That is, if they are pro-life. Anti-choice advocates will see a huge boost in popularity if they start following along with the same YouTube personality and engage in the heated debate that this person is involved with. This would not be a good thing. Such an act could lead to some very negative backlash from anti-choicers who will see this as a promotion of abortion.

Is this guy serious? One wonders. After all, he goes on about how these videos will show all sorts of things that are untrue, misleading, and just plain wrong? And he claims that a viewer should view the YouTube account to see the truth? How does he show the truth, and at what point does he become credible, because he just has no idea what he is talking about?

Viewers of these videos will likely not change their mind about abortion until they see other views presented to them. It is doubtful that many people watching will stay until the end of the video because they would have already formed their own opinion before coming across this man’s viewpoint. The same could be said for most any type of video. They are often promoted by someone who has some sort of controversial view and the viewers quickly form their own based upon what they hear and see. Then they make their decision based upon what they think, rather than what was stated in the video.

Will from survivor YouTube channel really get people to change their minds on abortion? It is doubtful. And it is actually quite disappointing when you consider all of the other videos he has made promoting other pro-life causes, such as tours stopping child killing, and his previous work. He has also made other videos showing what would happen if abortion were legalized and showed people in the streets beating and harassing pro-lifers. Does this man have any credibility when he promotes these types of messages? He does now, but as a comedian it is hard to take him seriously when he crosses the line so many times.