Will From Survivor: YouTube Phenomenon

Will From Survivor is an award winning short film that you can find on YouTube. It tells the story of a young girl who survived a drowning incident at a small fishing village. The fisherman who rescued her had no idea what he was doing and the village people thought he was trying to save more lives by flushing the girl down the river. You can see the emotional moment when the man looks up to the water and realizes there is no one else in the water.

will from survivor youtube

As the seconds count down, you start to see Will struggling to get out of the water. He struggles to climb out of the small boat and gets exhausted. Then another boat appears and rescue attempts are made. Will is dragged under the boat but soon he is seen again. He is walking along the river with another survivor. Eventually they come across a house that has been ripped apart by a massive tsunami.

Will and the other survivor are able to get inside the house. They call out for help but no one comes. Will soon learns that he is the only one who survived. He explains what happened to the others and the camera pans out to the devastated area.

On YouTube, you can watch a Will From Survivor video that was recorded by someone on their own home computer. Most of the videos are done by ordinary people like you and me. You can look at the picture of the girl at the beginning and find out what happened to her. Will’s voice can be heard in the video and you will see him reciting his survival message.

The aftermath of the disaster looks very chaotic. There are many people around the area trying to clean up. Some have been injured while trying to help others. A bicycle is tossed through the air and lands on a man. Another man walks over to help him but falls and breaks an ankle.

One of the men notices a white foam on the man’s leg. Will arrives and starts to rub the foam off the man’s leg. Will put the tape back on the leg but notices that it is starting to come loose. Everyone is worried that the man may be trapped under the sheet and begins to panic. As the video continues, the man manages to free himself.

As you watch the man you will see his friends fussing over him and crying. It is then when you will see the man’s friend run in front of the fire truck. The paramedic arrives and begins treating the man. It is at this point you see the paramedic takes the stretcher away from the group as he is tended to.

After a few minutes you will see the footage of Will From Survivor on YouTube. You will see the YouTube video and hear Will’s voice. He tells everyone that he is okay and thanks everyone for watching and asks for privacy until he can get back home. Hopefully the Internet will provide enough evidence to encourage other survivors to seek out help as soon as possible.

When you are searching for information about the survivor on YouTube one of the first things you will notice is that there is a lot of commentary on the video. In most instances people are talking about the graphic nature of the burn. It is important to note that this video was recorded shortly after the accident occurred. It is unfortunate that many people are only aware of the good things about Will From Survivor. This article tries to explain the video and its significance.

The will from survivor video shows Will driving his truck after the accident. The survivor managed to get himself out of the wrecked car but lost his ability to drive. His friend helped him to his friend’s house where he was treated for his burns. Many people have commented that Will From Survivor is a true survivor.

Hopefully the Internet will be able to provide enough evidence to encourage more people to seek the assistance of someone who survived a crash. People are more aware than ever before of the value of helping others during times like these. People will be inspired to help when they see former survivors doing so quite well. Although it may take some time for the will from survivor YouTube video to gain widespread attention, it will happen as long as people continue to post videos on YouTube.