Will From Survivor YouTube Video

will from survivor youtube

Will From Survivor YouTube Video

“Will from Survivor” is an eight minute YouTube commercial with the narrator talking about a story of a man who was severely injured in a car accident and then left for dead. A short while later, a picture of the man’s body can be seen on the screen. The man in the video is talking to an aide and says that he will need a transplant. As he talks, his voice becomes hoarse and his eyes are crying. Then, it cuts to his mangled head lying on a beach as medical workers and volunteers work over him.

It appears that this man has been trying to tell his story to someone in the hopes that it will help him recover. The video reveals that the medical personnel has been less than helpful and that he is not sure that he will survive. Will from Survivor tells the story in a sad manner as if he were talking to his own funeral play. The narrator then comments that although this is a heartbreaking story, there are people who will go on to complete their surgeries and do recover.

There are many people who will try and avoid spending their last moments on earth by opting to remain in a comfy and quiet place like a sleepaway camp or a nursing home. However, there are others who will choose to fight back against their injuries by seeking further damages. This man apparently chose to fight back against his injuries and yet, his head became completely smashed in. The fact that he could not speak clearly or move his head for several hours only reinforced the point that there must have been something more serious that could have been done. In the next few minutes, you will see how this particular story will benefit those who seek compensation for brain injuries caused in car accidents.

As the video progresses, the narration reveals that the survivor was taken to a rehabilitation center. Prior to this, the medical staff had told the boy’s parents that their son would not make it past his third birthday. The boy had been trying to crawl forward but couldn’t anymore. When the video cut to the actual moment when the accident happened, it showed a lot of cuts and abrasions on the boy’s head. His mother was hysterical as she held him close saying that she thought he was gone.

As per YouTube rules, the video has to remain unedited and without commercial content. However, the organization also has certain requirements for the uploading of the videos like removing names and places. A spokesperson from YouTube confirmed to this channel that the person in the video shall not be identified as the victim in any way. Though some members found it suspicious that the name wasn’t added when the video was uploaded, the law protects them from doing anything that might cause legal trouble for the victim. Also, the video cannot contain any kind of object that could be used to aim any kind of weapon.

At the end of the video, the narrator introduced himself and said that he was Michael Moore, the famous author. He then showed a video where he was interviewing a survivor minutes later and the victim was none other than Will from Survivor. The video ended with a comment by Mr. Moore on the difficulty faced by the survivor in reliving his experience.

Will from Survivor then starts to narrate the story. Before he narrates the rest of the story, he gets back to the victim and tells how the survivor managed to get out of the car. Though the story sounds unreal, but it is very true. The survivor managed to get out of the car, walk towards the bus, talk to some people and reach the spot where he was picked up by the rescuers.

The real Will from Survivor has been interviewed by the media. He is quoted saying, “I had a feeling that something bad would happen to me. But I didn’t know what that meant. When I saw the ambulance and the fire trucks, I started shivering. My mom told me to stay calm because everything will turn out okay.” The interviewer then asked him whether he was able to see his son after the accident.