YouTube Poopie Scrapbook Story Review

youtube poop toy story

YouTube Poopie Scrapbook Story Review

Have you seen the YouTube Poop Toy Story movie? It is a very funny movie that you should check out if you love dogs and especially if you love acting and putting things into your own mouth. Yes, I did watch that movie, which is based on a children’s book, “The Dog Whisperer: A Puppy Story.” I am a fan of this book and this movie is no different.

In this YouTube Poop Toy Story movie, a little dog named Poopie is visited by the stuffing of his homemade doggy treats. The poopsicle he finds has the face of a llama (I think it was Mr. T) and it is talking and moving around. Poopie wants to play with his doggy treat but is told it only has one side. So he decides to put the other side out of his nose and then take it with him and pretend it is a stuffed animal. He now has a companion and along with his helper Poopie, the two are on a mission to solve the mystery of the stuffed animal and to stop the bad dog from stealing the poopsicle.

Of course, the whole purpose of a movie like this is for the audience to have some fun. This is why I am a big fan of YouTube and even more of these types of videos. Most movies are not as entertaining if they are not well watched. In this YouTube Poop Toy Story, the acting and the humor are great. Even though I am laughing my heart out, I am enjoying myself as well. Yes, I am enjoying myself quite a bit.

In this movie, I especially enjoyed the comical part of Poopie’s attitude because it just makes him more endearing. When he has the stuffed animal that he carries around, he seems like he is on top of the world and we laugh at the silly jokes he makes. But, we soon realize that the poo that he carries is nothing more than an ordinary dog poop. So, instead of treating him like a king, we treat him like any other pooch.

The storyline of the YouTube Poop Toy Story is about a rich dog who gets tired of having all of his toys were stolen. So, he decides that he is going to build his very own toy to protect his toys. Along the way, he finds himself battling against a giant snail that attacking his ship (yes, you read that right). This is followed by his adventures in getting the girl to fall in love with him, saving the Poopit, and finally, getting his toy to travel back to earth.

I like this story because it tells a little bit of a dog’s life. It shows that he wants to be like his master and will do what is asked. I also like the funny scenes because there are some that will really get you rolling. Some of them include the Poopit eating the poop and then continuing on its travels around the world, only to be captured by its owner, who decides to give it a name, and make it part of his toy army. Then there is also a really funny scene where the dog Poopit bobs its head up and down making quite a mess.

All in all, this was an okay story and has some great entertainment value. However, if you have never seen a dog poop and try to follow this one, you will probably be disappointed. There are better stories out there and some pooches may even enjoy this one more than others. For the most part, it is still just a dog’s story.

Overall, the YouTube Poopie Movie is another great example of how great Dog Poopie Scrapbooking can be. It’s a great and cute idea that uses real life dog poop to create something really neat. I also like the fact that it’s not only a dog story, but is a scrapbook as well. If you like to keep things simple, then I suggest watching this.