YouTube Premium Video Creator Review

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YouTube Premium Video Creator Review

The most popular and successful Internet business model is YouTube Premium. With YouTube Premium you can have an unlimited number of channels, become a member of YouTube partner programs, create and upload your own videos, and gain extra AdSense income. All of these are for free with YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is actually a free add-on that works with your existing YouTube account.

When I first heard about YouTube Premium I was curious because it seemed too good to be true. It’s basically like having a big television network on your website. The only difference is that you aren’t paying any fees. Instead you are promoting the site and getting massive, instant traffic from the thousands of members that use YouTube.

With YouTube Premium you can have as many channels as you want. These channels all get a lot of traffic. But YouTube Premium gives you more features than just adding channels. This includes research tools that show you exactly how much other people are viewing your YouTube channel.

After I got over the first hurdle with membership creation I started wondering if there was some catch. Well, not really. After my Premium test run I noticed that my traffic was dramatically up. So much in fact that I decided to stick with this product and promote it aggressively on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Traffic doesn’t always come free, but when you work hard for it does.

Unfortunately YouTube Premium doesn’t offer a free paid version. The reason they didn’t offer a free paid version is because they make a lot of money from advertising. Since YouTube is so popular they have advertisers lined up to buy space on your website. Therefore, they need to make sure they stay afloat and don’t lose out on making their money.

A free version would upset the video marketers on YouTube because they would lose all the income created from the videos posted on their site. Imagine all those channels going away, and you lose a huge source of income. I understand how tough the business model on YouTube is, but the Premium service doesn’t seem to be that tough. In fact, it’s been a dream for me to have my own YouTube premium video channels, where I can promote all my personal interests without any hassles.

My last thought was that maybe YouTube didn’t want to compete with its competitors, which is a fair assessment. But, even though YouTube Premium isn’t free like the free version you do get your money’s worth. If you have thousands of subscribers then YouTube Premium won’t make a difference to you. For the person with a few subscribers, it will make a difference to them.

Now I’m not saying that the paid version will solve all your marketing problems. It will if you use it the right way. You should only use the paid version if you have a video channel with a significant number of subscribers. If you have none, then the free version will be sufficient for you. If you are serious about building an online empire, then the Premium service is the best option.

In addition, I love the new features that YouTube is introducing these days. For example, they let subscribers add comments to their videos, which makes it so much easier to interact with fans and subscribers. It also lets you see the video history of anyone who has uploaded a video before.

I’m not going to lie to you. There are a lot of ads on YouTube, some of which are very intrusive and spoil the video quality for the viewer. But, now you can select which videos will be showcased and which will not. In addition, they have implemented a video quality rating system, so you can always see which videos are of a high quality and which ones aren’t.

In addition, they have improved search engine optimization, so it’s much easier for your video to be found by your target audience. If you are not in the video publishing business then you probably don’t have much of a problem with this. But, if you are a publisher who loves to publish high quality videos and want to increase the number of people visiting your site then YouTube Premium is perfect for you. All you have to do is set up an account and invite the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

When I first installed YouTube Premium I was surprised at all the little things that made YouTube Premium so great. For example, you can now see your entire video library side-by-side so you can quickly find the video that you want to watch without even trying to navigate through the many videos on the left. I also love the new feature that lets me know how popular any video is. So, I know how much exposure for my video has and I can easily measure the number of views it has. Plus, if my video stops being played or viewed on YouTube then I can make changes right away. This allows me to not only increase the viewing but also increase the overall popularity.