YouTube – Using the Mass Unsubscribe Feature to Avoid Becoming Banned From the Website

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YouTube – Using the Mass Unsubscribe Feature to Avoid Becoming Banned From the Website

Many people wonder if YouTube Mass Unsubscribe errors are related to accounts that have been terminated. The fact is, YouTube allows anyone to file a mass unsubscribe request. YouTube also states that they will investigate any suspicious activity associated with an account. In the event of an investigation and the resulting ban of an account, this will often result in the user being unable to re-request their videos from YouTube again. What does this mean?

Basically, if you’ve used YouTube for any purpose in the past and have created a profile, it is now considered a public account and users are not allowed to add or delete videos under these circumstances. What many internet marketers do not know is that they still have full access to their account even after it has been suspended. What this means is that even if a video has been deleted by YouTube it can be reapplied to your account.

There are a few methods for YouTube users to perform a YouTube mass unsubscribe. However, there is actually software available on the market that enables users to search for and then manually delete any video from their YouTube channels. This software is actually provided by YouTube itself. Although it is free for use, it is recommended that only experienced users attempt this method due to potential security issues.

The mass unsubscribe button is located within the lower right corner of the YouTube home page. Whenever a user types in a valid email address where they wish to un-subscribe, the “Remove Account” link can be found and clicked. This will remove the corresponding video from all users’ libraries and websites.

As mentioned above, YouTube does not announce when a video has been removed. Therefore it is up to the user to act upon receipt of a message from YouTube informing them of the removal. There is also another method which has recently been added to the YouTube website. This method allows users who have received a message from YouTube to request that a certain video be removed from their libraries. In the past, this would only be possible for YouTube account holders.

If a video cannot be removed through the aforementioned methods, YouTube does provide a way for users to request their videos to be removed from other websites. All it takes is a simple hyperlink on a user’s website where they wish to submit the URL of the video they want taken off the site. When a user clicks the link, it will take them to a page where they are able to enter a valid email address where they should send the video URL. When a request comes in, YouTube will send an email back to the sender notifying them that their video has been requested to be removed. At that point, the user is able to submit a valid email address where they can again request that their video to be taken off of their website.

For those who are new to using YouTube as part of their social networking strategy, YouTube’s mass unsubscribe feature is a valuable tool to have at your disposal. Users who are banned from a website, or those who get into arguments with other users of the website often times forget that their first amendment rights of speech and expression include the ability to request that their comments be removed. By taking advantage of YouTube’s mass unsubscribe button, you can ensure that you always stay within the rules of the website and that you do not start an argument in the hopes of getting your comments taken off the site.

While it is a free service, it is also important to realize that there are many rules that may be broken if one tries to use this service to remove comments or messages from a friend or family member. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what you are doing when attempting to remove content from a website. If you are unsure of whether or not your comments are allowed, you may want to use YouTube’s contact Us button so that a live representative can assist you. Additionally, YouTube is known to suspend accounts for serious violations of their terms of service. The mass unsubscribe feature is a powerful tool that should be used properly to avoid harming the reputation of the Internet and your business.